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our hiring process


Panorama is now accepting applications for the 2024 Fire Fighting Season for the following positions:


    •    Wildland Type 2

    •    Wildland Type 3

    •    Structure Protection Crews (SPC)

  •    MEDICS

  •    DTF/DTA

Our hiring process consists of five steps outlined below:

1. Review Requirements

Training and certification requirements for the positions noted above are mandated by the provincial government. Please review these requirements at this link before submitting your application.

2.  Complete Online Application

If you are interested in joining our team for the upcoming season, we invite you to complete our job application form online at this link. Once submitted, you will receive an email letting you know it has been received.

3. Interview

Once your application has been reviewed and if you meet the requirements for the positions we are still hiring for, we will contact you to set up an interview. Those who have a successful interview will be invited to complete a fitness test.

4. Fitness Test (All Staff)

All personnel must pass a physical fitness test is comprised of the following:

  • Complete in under 30 minutes: 3.2km walk wearing work boots and carrying a 45lb pack, AND

  • Complete in under 6 minutes: 3 sets of 20 sit-ups alternated with 3 sets of 20 pushups, AND

  • Complete in under 30 minutes: a 5km run,


  • Completion of the WFX-Fit test in under 17:45 minutes (Type 2 Crews only).


List of items you will need to bring for fitness test day:

  • Pack

  • Work boots

  • Rain gear

  • Change of clothes

  • Water and lunch


We are looking for applicants who have trained for this fitness test and who have tested themselves prior to fitness evaluation day. Although the minimum standards for the fitness test must be met it is important to note taking the fitness level requirements seriously helps you maintain a high calibre of work performance throughout the long work shifts while in extreme terrain. Maintaining a healthy fitness level reduces the risk of injury associated with fatigue.


Fitness conditioning encompasses a series of factors including: Nutrition, hydration, sleep, stretching ect. We encourage applicants to consider all of these factors when training for the fitness level requirements and later during your employment. Be aware of your limits.


5. Safety Orientation

This takes place on the same day as the fitness test if you have passed it.

Safety orientation is comprised of a thorough review of:

  • Panorama's Occupational Health and Safety Program

  • BC Forest Safety Council Accord

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Job safety breakdown

  • Vehicle safety

  • Other related policies and responsibilities

  • Fire suit sizing

  • Proof of certifications

  • Please provide all current certifications, we will make copies and keep on file.

Ready to get started? Once you've reviewed the requirements for the position you'd like to apply for, we invite you to complete our online application form at the link below.

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