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Firefighting services

Panorama Crew Services has been providing experienced Wildland Fire Crews since 2003.

wildfire crews


 Our Wildland Fire Crews (Type 2 and Type 3) are highly trained, fit and certified firefighters. We provide wildfire crews throughout BC and Alberta during the active months from May through September with our three marshalling points located in the following fire centres: Kamloops and Southeast. We are also able to export Type 2 wildfire crews to other jurisdictions in Canada if resources become overwhelmed. Our wildfire crews are fully equipped and self sufficient with regards to personal protective fire fighting equipment, tools, vehicles, and shelter. 

dangerous tree assessors (DTA)


Our Dangerous Tree Assessors perform specialized tasks by providing a safe environment for all fire crews and forestry workers. These personnel identify, mark or isolate danger trees that can be hazardous to all workers on the fireline or forestry operations. This service also applies to reducing the hazard on forestry roads, right of ways, campgrounds or other rural settings where the potential for hazardous trees can threaten public safety. Our DTA's provide their documentation of these danger trees and/or zones to our certified faller who can then neutralize the hazard.

Panorama's Danger Tree Fallers provide the follow-up service by eliminating all identified danger trees that pose a threat to fire and foresty crews.

slash & pile burning


As with our firefighting services, Panorama crews are well equipped, trained and certified to meet the needs of our forestry clients' burning and site prep program. We supply all necessary personnel, equipment and burn fuel.

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