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Fitness Tests (All Staff)

All personnel must pass a physical fitness test is comprised of the following:

  • Complete in under 30 minutes: 3.2km walk wearing work boots and carrying a 35lb pack, AND

  • Complete in under 6 minutes: 3 sets of 20 sit-ups alternated with 3 sets of 20 pushups, AND

  • Complete in under 30 minutes: a 5km run,


  • Completion of the WFX-Fit test in under 17:45 minutes (Type 2 Crews only).

Panorama Crew Services has been providing experienced Wildland Fire Crews since 2003. These fire crews can be divided into two categories:

Entry-level Wildland Firefighters (Type 3)
Type 3 (T3) Wildland Fire Fighters are supplied on an, “if and when needed” basis for low to moderate complexity incidents such as expanded attack, mop-up, and patrol. No experience is required to become a Type 3 firefighter, however, you must be 19 years of age or older. S-100 and S-185 courses will be provided by Panorama for crew members who stay on with us until the end of the season.

Required Certifications for Type 3 Firefighters:

(These certifications may be taken after the time of application)

  1. S-100 (Basic Fire Suppression & Safety)

  2. S-185 (Fire Entrapment Avoidance)

  3. WHMIS 2015 (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) 

  4. ICS 100 (Incident Command Systems)



Wildland Firefighters (Type 2)
Type 2 (T2) Wildland Fire Fighters are guaranteed work crews (min. 80 days/fire season). These crews meet national standards and can be exported to other jurisdictions in Canada. They have a higher level of experience, certifications, and fitness. The T2 crews are used to support higher priority targets and/or more complex operations requiring the higher skill set.
Required Certifications for Type 2 Firefighters:


  1. S-100, S-185, WHMIS 2015, TDG, ICS 100

  2. S-211 (Fire Environment)

  3. S-212 (Fire Line Communications)

  4. S-213 (Use of Bulldozers & Heavy Equipment)

  5. OFA Level 1 with Transportation Endorsement     

Structure Protection Firefighter certifications:
  1. S-100, S-185, WHMIS 2015, ICS 100

  2. WSPP-115 Structure Protection Workshop

Having the following certifications will increase your chances of receiving a call-out. Although Panorama does not provide training for all of the courses below, we can assist you in locating them.

  1. OFA Level 1 with Transportation Endorsement

  2. OFA Level 3

  3. UNBC Dangerous Tree Assessor (DTA), Wildland Fire Module

  4. CAGC Power Saw Operator (PSO), Level 1 or 2

  5. NFPA 1001, FF1 or 2 


Medic (First Aid Division) certifications required:  


  1. OFA Level 3 minimum or EMR, PCP, EMT

  2. Class 5 Driver License & copy of ICBC Abstract

  3. S-100 (Basic Fire Suppression & Safety)

  4. S-185 (Fire Entrapment Avoidance)

  5. ICS 100

  6. WHMIS 2015

  7. GPS knowledge

  8. Radio Communication S-212 or equivalent experience


Faller certifications required: 
  1. BCFSC, CAGC (Enform)  Level 3 or BCWS Faller certification 

  2. S100 & S185

  3. DTA - Wildland Fire Module (this certification is not required but it is preferred)

  4. Class 5 Driver License & copy of ICBC Abstract

  5. OFA Level 1 with Transportation Endorsement or Standard First Aid

  6. ICS 100

  7. WHMIS 2015

  8. GPS knowledge

  9. Radio Communication S-212 or equivalent experience

Do you have what it takes to join the Panorama team? Submit your application at the link below.

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